Mount Perren Scramble


Location: Moraine Lake

Summit Elevation (m): 3051

Elevation Gain (m): 100

Total Distance (km): 5.00

Total Time: 2 Hours to ascend from Neil Colgan Hut

Difficulty: 4th Class, can be made easier by taking other routes (snow slopes)

Water Available: Hut

Cell reception: Reliable at Summit, none on approach

Rating: 2/5 Similar to Tonsa the rock is garbage and this peak should only be done if you fancy climbing the rest of the 10 peaks, otherwise I would avoid it entirely.


From the Perren-Tonsa col, either ascend the obvious break in the cliff (massive amounts of loose rock, seriously be very careful on this route), or alternatively ascend one of the two snow slopes farther down and take the ridge to the summit. Use the first gully as a descent but again, please be very cautious of the rockfall, we set off a number of massive slides with large boulders even when we were being careful.

Different routes leading up Mount Perren

View from the bottom of our ascent gully, which sent large rocks flying down every few minutes.