Mount Tonsa Scramble


Location: Moraine Lake

Summit Elevation (m): 3054

Elevation Gain (m): 100

Total Distance (km): 4.00

Total Time: 1-2 hours from hut

Difficulty: 4th Class, very loose scree followed by exposed summit traverese

Water Available: Rockbound Lake and above lake in glacial stream

Cell reception: Reliable at Summit, none on approach

Rating: 2/5 Due to terrible, terrible, terrible rock. If not for wanting to complete the 10 Peaks above Moraine, I would not recommend this at all. 


From the hut you can either ascend the slope directly facing you (best done with lots of snow to avoid scree), or ascend from the Perren-Tonsa col. We opted for the col approach, in order to ascend Perren, then Tonsa from the back and descend the slope facing the hut. Either way the rock is garbage, except for the summit block which was the only exciting scrambling we did all day.

View of Tonsa from Neil Colgan Hut, can also ascend blue line.

View of Tonsa from the Tonsa-Perren col, can also be used as descent. Our route passes through some cliff bands to make things less boring than the typical scree slog.

Scree slog (normal route) on the right, our route is closer to the ridge which involved a little bit more hands on scrambling which is always exciting, too bad the rock is terrible.